Taxing your car

If you drive a car (or motorbike or van) on the public roads in the UK, or leave it in a public place, it has to be taxed.

You can buy road tax for six or twelve months, and these days, the amount you pay depends on the car you have. It's linked to the CO2 emissions from your engine, or if you have an older car, to the engine size.

To find out what your road tax will cost, click here.

Applying for or renewing your road tax

To tax your car, you need:

  • A valid, current insurance certificate or cover note
  • The appropriate fee
  • A valid, current MOT certificate
    (if your car is over three years old)

You can get your road tax from your Post Office, as long as the DVLA has sent you a reminder form or if you have the V5 registration document, or the green part of it marked V5/2.

These days the easiest way to tax your car is online at the DVLA's website. If your car is insured and has a current MOT certificate (if it needs one), the DVLA will already have these details - so you just need to complete a few boxes and pay using your debit or credit card. You'll then get your tax disc in the post.

Elephant Top Tip:

It's not enough just to buy a tax disc - to avoid a fine, make sure it's clearly displayed in your car's windscreen!


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