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Hire Vehicle Cover

We make getting a replacement car easy

We'll deliver it to your home or work, and all named drivers on your policy can use it if they have a full UK driving licence.

Add Hire Vehicle cover Get a car insurance quote What's covered?

Drive for up to 28 days

Plenty of time to get everything else sorted

Get a similar-sized car

Drive something that feels familiar to your old car

Cash alternative

£400 alternative if you don't want a replacement car

What's Hire Vehicle cover?

It's a car insurance upgrade that gives you a similar-sized car (max 2.0 litre and seven seats) if you can no longer use yours. It's for when yours is written-off or stolen and unrecoverable.

You can add Hire Vehicle cover if you' re an existing Elephant car insurance customer.

What doesn't it cover?

  • hire charges after 28 days
  • hire car fuel, fares, fines and fees
  • excess
  • claims where you haven't reported malicious damage or theft to the police

We won't provide a vehicle that is the exact make, model, size and fuel type of yours.

We won't cover non-fault claims where the cost of a hire vehicle is recoverable from the insurer of the person who caused the accident. We also can't provide cover if your vehicle is repairable or recovered.

What's the difference between hire and courtesy cars?

There are five major differences between courtesy cars and hire vehicles:

Courtesy Hire vehicle
Included as standard Yes No
Repairable car Yes No
Written off (fault claim) No Yes
Stolen and unrecovered car No Yes
Cash alternative No Yes

What about courtesy cars?

Courtesy cars are provided with comprehensive car insurance policies. It's not an optional extra like Hire Vehicle cover. They aren't a like-for-like replacement; you have one while a garage repairs yours.

The key difference is that we don't offer courtesy cars if yours is written off or stolen and unrecoverable. They also aren't a similar size to your existing, damaged car.

What about non-fault claims?

We may provide a hire vehicle if a claim is non-fault. This is known as a non-fault hire.

We will discuss this step with you if you start a non-fault claim.

Why do I need it and when can I have it?

If your vehicle is written-off or stolen and unrecovered, you can get a similar-sized vehicle, up to a maximum of 2.0L and seven seats or £400.

You'll have the car for up to 28 days. You'll get paid in one lump sum if you want the cash.

For the car, we'll inform Auxillis Services Limited, who supplies the hire vehicles. They'll then arrange delivery, which should be enough time for you to get a permanent replacement.

Call Auxillis on 0344 571 2715 if you want the car for longer.

I have a disability and my car is modified to fit this. Are you able to provide a vehicle with the same modifications?

We'll do our best to give you a replacement with the same modifications if you need one. However, if this isn't possible, you'll still be entitled to the £400 cash alternative.

Read more about Hire Vehicle Cover:

Elephant Hire Vehicle cover is administered by EUI, the hire vehicles are provided by Auxillis Services Limited. The policy is underwritten by Admiral Insurance (Gibraltar) Limited.

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