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How we calculate your premium

There isn't really a simple answer; it all depends on a number of factors.

  • Your age. Younger or older drivers are usually at greater risk of having an accident, so generally have to pay more for their insurance. We know you're the world's most careful, law-abiding 18 year old driver, but we have to go by what the statistics say!
  • Where you live. Some parts of the country have more car crime than others so unfortunately people living in these areas tend to pay more. If that's you, cheer up; there might be ways you can reduce your premium - keep on reading
  • What you drive. If you have a cheap little small-engined runabout for nipping to the shops, you're going to pay less for insurance than if you have a very fast, valuable and probably expensive to repair sports car. That's why there are car insurance groups, to help us work out your premium
  • Other things about your car that might affect what you pay are if it's left hand drive, if it's been imported or if it's been modified from the standard specification (we mean things like the engine; furry dice or stripy seat covers don't count)
  • Where you keep your car. In a cosy, locked garage is clearly safer than out on the street, so that can reduce your premium. Worth remembering if you live in one of those car crime hotspots, but have a garage to hide your car in
  • What you do for a living. Some jobs are higher risks than others, because they might affect where and how you drive. Remember, you must be honest when you tell us what you do - you can't pretend to be a vicar if you're really a lion tamer!
  • How long you've been driving. The longer you drive, the more experience you have and generally, the safer you are. If you don't make any claims on your insurance, you can build up your No Claims Bonus, which will help you save even more money

Elephant Top Tip

We all reckon we're brilliant drivers, but there are ways to prove it - which can help you save money on your insurance.

If you've just passed your driving test, go a stage further and take PassPlus, which gives you more experience of motorways, traffic and driving in the dark. However long you've been driving, you can take the Institute of Advanced Motorists driving test. Both are very satisfying when you complete them.