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Prince Charles to use cutting-edge security vehicle

( 18/02/2013 )

Royal protection officials are testing a new £300,000 armour plated BMW 760 to be used by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The vehicle, which protects against gunfire and poison gas attack, has been described as the safest car in the world after President Obama's Cadillac One.

The BMW features an array of spectacular features to dazzle fellow motorists and
car insurance policy holders and is aimed at providing greater protection to the heir to the throne than his current armoured Jaguar.

The former head of royal protection Dai Davies has explained the importance of this vehicle to The Independent, saying, "This is [the] best security car of its kind and in my view the police should be using it because they couldn't countenance another attack like the one during the student riots.

"History shows that attacks are most likely to happen when people are being taken to and from their homes, especially with the royal family. If you're going to spend millions on protecting the royals then it seems nonsensical not to have to the right equipment."

According to reports Scotland Yard are aiming to buy or loan two of these modified BMW 760s after the completion of testing. The move is aimed at preventing a repeat of the security breach that occurred in 2010 when the royals' car was pelted with paint bombs by students and the Duchess of Cornwall was jabbed with a wooden pole.

The car features a vast array of security and anti-terror devices, including anti-kidnap locking mechanisms, a remote ignition which can be operated if a car bomb is suspected and an assault alarm that can extinguish fires.

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