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Motorists sleeping in cars to save money

( 04/12/2012 )

New research has found that impoverished motorists are sleeping in their cars to save money on petrol and diesel costs.

The figures, which were co-commissioned by Fair Fuel UK, found that one in sixteen drivers had slept in their vehicles whilst three per cent had camped near work to avoid fuel costs.

The findings come ahead of George Osborne's Autumn Statement, where UK motorists and
car insurance policy holders face a potential 3p a litre rise on fuel duty.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Fair Fuel UK spokesman Quentin Willson said, "This proves that unless the Chancellor acts he'll be delivering a cruel Christmas and an impoverished New Year to millions of families."

Recently a survey by found that high fuel costs were a major worry for the British public, with 68 per cent eager for David Cameron to make amending the problem his top priority.

The proposed increase in fuel duty comes at a time when the Treasury is still making significant money from motorists. During 2011/12 the government received £26.80 billion through fuel duty, only 1.7 per cent lower than the record of £27.26 billion the year previously and over two and a half times larger than the 1990/91 figure of £9.63 billion.

The Chancellor will also announce in his statement that more than £2.5 billion has been reclaimed in spending by cancelling private finance initiatives introduced by the previous Labour government. Additionally Mr Osborne is expected to commit the UK to continue its reliance upon gas as a major energy source and offer incentives for underground shale drilling.

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