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Toyota in another worldwide car recall

( 14/11/2012 )

Car giants Toyota are recalling 2.7 million vehicles after problems were discovered with the steering wheel and water pump system on certain models.

The move comes less than a month after the Japanese company had to recall more than seven million cars across the globe due to faulty window switches.

The voluntary recall will cause disruption for UK motorists and
car insurance policy holders, with almost 75,000 people driving affected Toyota models in Britain.

However industry expert Koichi Sugimoto, who works for BNP Paribus in Japan, believes that these latest safety issues will ultimately prove less damaging to the company's prestige around the world, telling the BBC that, "Nobody is perfect. Vehicles nowadays are very complicated. The company is taking appropriate measures to fix the problems, so I don't think this will cause significant damage to Toyota's reputation."

The car manufacturer has issued a recall notice for nine models, with the popular Toyota Corolla and second generation Prius amongst the vehicles affected.

The recall was triggered when a weakness was discovered in certain models' steering shafts, with the possibility that the connection between the gearbox and extension shaft may "deform" if drivers repeatedly turned their wheel to full lock at low speeds.

Of the vehicles being recalled, just under a quarter were due to faulty water pumps that had been fitted in Toyota hybrids.

In total 1.5 million cars have been affected in Japan, with 670,000 vehicles in America and 496,000 in Europe suffering at least one of these manufacturing faults.

The news caused Toyota's share price to fall by around 0.5 per cent, although the company had announced strong annual profits of £6.1 billion earlier this month.

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