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Brick Beemer - yours for 80k

( 12/01/2011 )

It's a far cry from the space-age materials some cars are fashioned from, but that isn't stopping a Chinese artist from asking 80,000 for a model BMW - which is fabricated from brick.

Dai Geng is apparently after the hefty sum for his take on a BMW Z4 - made from bricks and cement - the real version of which starts at around 30,000.

The artist spent more than a year piecing together the masonry model, which might explain why his asking price is more than its real, moving counterpart.

Apart from the windows, everything is made from brick - including the hinges that allow the doors to open and close - the Daily Mail reports.

And even if it could move, the car would be unlikely to offer a comfortable ride.

Dai said: "Only the windows are not made of bricks.

"Everything else including the tyres, the steering wheel, the exhaust pipe and trimmings are made of brick."

Completed in 2007, the car weighs some 6.5 tons and doesn't break speeds of 150mph like its real counterpart. However, it uses no fuel whatsoever and is allegedly very cheap to maintain.

Having been displayed in various art galleries, Dai hopes the car will be bought by a rich Chinese businessman - who are reputedly fans of the upmarket carmaker - for use as a garden ornament. It is currently in Wuxi, in East China's Jiangsu province.

And the brick Z4 joins a long list of artsy Beemers. In June last year, Jeff Koons was revealed as being behind BMW's explosive entry into the 2010 Le Mans endurance race. Part of a series of 'Art Car' incarnations dating back to 1975, the M3 GT2 was painted to look as if it were moving even when stock-still.


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