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Town hits back after Clarkson tirade

( 18/06/2009 )

Drivers in Northampton have hit back after a tirade aimed at their roads by motormouth Jeremy Clarkson.

Writing on the Top Gear blog, the presenter described the town's road signs as "biblically awful", and suggested they could have been written by someone being "deliberately stupid".

He also said Northampton's roundabouts tended to ignore the existence of other towns and cities, meaning drivers often end up in Kettering.

However, local motorists see it differently, according to the Northampton Chronicle and Echo.

The aptly-named Bill Rhoades, chairman of advanced riders' and drivers' association Northants Roadar, reckons the town's signs are "80% OK".

"There are some that are misleading and some road markings need repairing to make them more visible," he said.

"But as for how they're written, I think Jeremy Clarkson needs to go to school and learn how to read English."

And Clarkson's comments also made their way through the corridors of power at Northamptonshire County Council.

Road officials said they welcomed his feedback, and pointed him in the direction of their highways telephone enquiry line.


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